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1/110 Hutt Street, Adelaide, SA

85 Wellington Road, Mount Barker, SA

65 Thurk Street, Renmark, SA

Welcome to myPRODERM Dermatology - servicing Adelaide, the Adelaide Hills and the Riverland.

Fee Information

Financial Considerations

myPRODERM is a private specialist clinic that prides itself on providing high quality care. We do not bulk bill.

Gap fees apply to all consultations (with the exception of DVA Gold card holders). Any procedure undertaken during a consultation will incur an additional fee.

Fees are payable in full on the day of consultation. Cheques are not accepted. Credit card surcharges may apply.

Discounted fees apply to consultations for Pension Card holders (not to Health Care cards).

Medicare claims are submitted on the day. The rebate is deposited via direct bank transfer within 24 hours to the bank account you have nominated with Medicare. Should your rebate not be received into your nominated account, we recommend you contact Medicare directly. Patients who do not hold a valid Medicare card are not eligible for a Medicare rebate.

Private health insurance does not cover the gap fees payable for consultations, nor for surgery performed at the myPRODERM clinics. Depending on the level of cover, private health insurance can be used for Day Surgery admissions. We regularly perform skin cancer surgery at Vista Day, 57 Greenhill Road, Wayville ( and can discuss this option with you as appropriate.

Third party payers (Workcover, insurance claims, etc) will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Video telehealth appointments are available where clinically indicated.

If a consultation or procedure takes longer, and extends past the allocated time, the fee will be adjusted to reflect the time taken.

A consultation following a biopsy to discuss the results or formulate a treatment plan will attract a standard follow-up consultation fee whether it is face-to-face or by telehealth.

A consultation fee will not be charged for the appointment following and excision (removal) of a skin lesion/skin cancer where the wound is reviewed and sutures are removed. A fee will be charged at this appointment if consultation regarding another skin condition takes place, or if non-standard aftercare is performed (such as complication management or specific wound care and consumables are required).

Microscopic examination of the skin removed (histopathology) is carried out at all times. You may receive a separate account from the pathology provider for this service.

Fee Schedule

Fees are updated regularly to reflect changes in Medicare rebates.

Each practitioner has their own fee schedule. Please ask us for specific information on current fees and surcharges applicable to your consultation.

Fee estimates will be provided on an individual basis for procedures (surgical and cosmetic). A deposit may be required.

Please note, consultations and procedures that are not eligible for a Medicare rebate will attract GST.

The administrative fee for re-issuing prescriptions/pathology requests and the re-booking fee are not eligible for a Medicare rebate.

Cancellation Policy

myPRODERM requires 48 hours’ notice for all cancellations. If sufficient notice is not provided, a $99.00 non-attendance fee will be charged.

This fee must be paid before subsequent appointments will be scheduled. In the event of a sudden illness, a copy of your medical certificate may be required to waive this fee.

If you are unable to attend a scheduled appointment, you can notify us via one of the following means:

The cancellation fee is not eligible for a Medicare rebate.

myPRODERM reserves the right to cancel any unconfirmed appointment.

Re-issuance of documents

myPRODERM reserves the right at all times not to re-issue a clinical document without an appointment.

The re-issue of lost/misplaced/expired prescriptions (scripts), pathology/imaging requests and other clinical documentation outside of appointments will attract a $42.60 administrative fee.

The administrative fee for re-issuing prescriptions/pathology requests is not eligible for a Medicare rebate.

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